Physical Therapy

Number: (520) 381-6326

The Physical Therapy Department is located at 1828 East Florence Boulevard, Building A, Suite 102 on the campus of Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.  Our customer friendly department is comprised of licensed/certified physical therapists as well as qualified support staff.  Although not covered by most insurance plans, massage therapy is also available on a cash pay basis.  Upon referral from a physician, every patient is evaluated by an experienced therapist and an individualized treatment plan is customized to meet their recovery needs.  Programs are tailored to ensure patients reach their maximum potential and are able to return to daily activities as quickly as possible.

As an outpatient clinic associated with a hospital, our therapy department has no Medicare cap on therapy visits. This means our patients can receive the care that they need without dollar limitations.  We do accept patients from independent clinics after the patient has reached their Medicare cap, but for continuity of care we hope you will choose to begin your therapy with us.

We have a large and spacious facility which is a full purpose outpatient treatment center for most types of injury.  We serve a full age range of patients including: pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric.  Therapies include treatment for most neurological problems, orthopedic and sports injuries, total joint replacements, arthritis, fractures and multiple trauma, cumulative trauma disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, amputations and prosthetic training, stroke rehab, weakness/reconditioning, vehicular accidents, balance disorders, frequent falls and rehabilitation needs following surgery.  Hand and upper extremity rehabilitation is provided by a qualified therapist.  Patients with multidisciplinary needs (speech, occupational) can consolidate their treatments into convenient blocks of time.

The Outpatient facility has recently added Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) as a modality in working with patients during therapy sessions. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) uses dogs to help rehabilitation patients recover from acute or chronic illnesses.  The main goal of AAT is to help patients regain their functional independence through working with registered therapy dogs. This goal directed program allows the therapist and patient to work with a dog to reach milestones in the patient's therapy.  Examples of AAT include brushing a dog to improve wrist and shoulder function, buckling a collar to improve fine motor skills, and throwing toys for the dog to fetch to gain better balance, mobility and range of motion. For more information on participating as a patient in AAT, contact a therapist at (520) 381-6326. For information on becoming involved in AAT with your dog, contact Volunteer Services at (520) 381-6541.

Easy access and ample parking, combined with convenient hours and location make CGRMC your best choice for outpatient services.  Most insurance plans, including Medicare are accepted through this facility.  A physician's referral is required and appointments can be made by calling (520) 381-6326.

For more information on our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department, click here to view our video.